"Visionary ... Prescient ... Signorile has brilliant advice for the future." 

"Makes the case clearly and convincingly that after the high court's ruling on same-sex marriage, the lives of LGBT Americans won't change all that much ... The fight will be long, but not impossible to win. All that's needed is for the LGBT community to realize that 'it's not over.'"


"[A] call to arms ... Brutally honest and brimming with hope."

"The gay rights movement is wise to temper jubilation with caution. In a sober new book entitled It's Not Over, Michelangelo Signorile, a well known gay radio host and blogger, warns against what he calls 'victory blindness,' which he defines as falling prey to 'a kind of bedtime story that tells us we've reached the promised land.' Getting beyond 'mere tolerance' and winning 'full equality' is likely to remain an elusive goal, he writes." 


"Michelangelo Signorile knows confrontation. He's great at it. A lot of people are alive today because he is great at it. A lot more are likely to have better lives in the future because he keeps doing it ... Signorile has a message for the LGBT community: Stay confrontational; there is a backlash coming that will threaten the hard-fought gains made in recent years." 

"An invaluable and idiot-proofed argument." 

"An impressive polemic." 


"In his latest work, veteran journalist and LGBT advocate Signorile offers a passionate exhortation against complacency."


No  TIme For Covering Our Ass

 "In the course of a 179-page overview of still-daunting challenges confronting America’s LGBT community — compelling in both its breadth and its frequent forays into granular detail — Michelangelo Signorile provides two passages that, for me, were telling first and foremost about the author himself.“Being vocal, organizing at the grass roots, and collectively demanding action,” he explains, have always been critical to the community’s post-Stonewall advances, “but especially so since the emergence of AIDS drew a sharp line and instilled in us an attitude of ‘never again.’” He continues, “The mantra of ACT UP, ‘Silence = Death,’ has been in the DNA of every other aspect of the movement from then on. We weren’t going to rest.” (Read full review.)


“This book could not come at a more propitious moment.  Not only the LGBT community, but everyone needs the wisdom and the wake up call it represents -- – certainly everyone who recognizes that the fight for equality is one of the most critical issues for everyone in our country – whether it is LGBT rights, civil rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, and on and on.  One of the most powerful things Michelangelo says is that we discovered at the beginning of the AIDS crisis that we had to say, "Never again.'  And we have to keep operating with that sense of urgency and the recognition that we must not accommodate to the persistence of inequality and discrimination no matter how it is reframed and justified by those who practice it.  I certainly discovered that and have felt a commitment  ever since to do what I can to support this country being what we say we are and what I truly feel we want to be."


"Once upon a time, African Americans celebrated because they thought they had won the right to vote. Once upon another time, women celebrated because they had finally won control over their own bodies and reproductive destinies.But those happy endings weren't really all there were to those stories. Lawmakers and activists -- many of them white males -- set about to dismantle those rights and protections, piece by piece and bit by bit. We see the result front and center in chaos created by the so-called culture wars." (Read full review.)


Premature Exultation
"Before we pop the cork on the champagne bottle to celebrate the likely countrywide Supreme Court legalization of same-sex marriage in late June, muckraker journalist Michelangelo Signorile cautions us in his new book It's Not Over that parties trumpeting the ascendancy of LGBT equality are premature. The gay and lesbian community is suffering from victory blindness, a refusal to see the ongoing discrimination and violence hiding in plain sight, the dangerous illusion that we've won the war and are being precipitously magnanimous to our enemies." (Read full review

“Enlightening and compelling, It’s Not Over is a trenchant book founded on solid evidence that reveals the truth about the current struggle for LGBT equality. Through rich detail and powerful stories, Michelangelo Signorile shows why we can’t let our intensity falter, and he offers an incisive, exhilarating blueprint for the future.”


It’s Not Over is Michelangelo Signorile’s rallying cry to gay America that despite the huge victories of same-sex marriage, and gays and lesbians being able to serve openly in the military, it is too soon to declare this a new era of LGBTQ equality. He writes in his opening chapter that we should not to be lulled into complacency with “victory blindness;” in fact he assures more vigilance is required so gains for sexual minorities are not legally nullified. (Read full review)


“For 25 years, Michelangelo Signorile has been one of America's most incisive critics and influential activists in the movement for gay equality, and It’s Not Over demonstrates he is better than ever. The new book is a penetrating look at one of the great social movements of our time and the challenges that lie before it. With detailed reporting and razor-sharp analysis, Signorile exposes the dangerous triumphalism that has taken hold. He reveals the bigotry and bias still deeply embedded in the media, the political establishment and throughout American culture. And he provides an illuminating, stirring plan of action to vanquish it.”


"A combative, polemical work, meant to stir people to action." 


“Exquisite[ly] tim[ed] . . . Even with marriage equality ascendant in nearly all corners of the country, the fight for real equality is not over. The most serious threat the gay rights movement faces may in fact be what Signorile calls ‘victory blindness,’ or ‘the dangerous illusion that we’ve almost won.’” (Read full review)

ROBBIE KAPLAN, attorney U.S. v. Windsor

"Michelangelo Signorile's It's Not Over provides an eye-opening reminder of the deep roots of hatred and prejudice as well as the critical role played by LGBT activists. While the arc of the moral universe does indeed bend toward justice, Signorile is right -- we cannot let ourselves be lulled into a false sense of security that we are at the end of the journey.”

JOSE ANTONIO VARGAS, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and founder of Define American

"Unflinching, uncompromising, It’s Not Over is a call to arms. Michelangelo Signorile describes the full breadth and scope of the LGBT struggle. Indeed, the fight for equality, and for freedom for all members of the LGBT community is not over. This landmark work by an irreplaceable writer vividly illustrates why." 

"The noted outspoken gay journalist and radio host passionately appeals to the gay community to resist complacency in the struggle for equality. In a thought-provoking call to arms, Signorile masterfully combines quotations and interviews from his satellite radio show with historical facts from the ever evolving gay rights movement to reiterate the 'disconnect between the way we talk about the strides forward and the reality on the ground.' ... A cautionary, timely gay rights manifesto with teeth."  (Read full review.)  

KATE BORNSTEIN, author of A Queer and Pleasant Danger

“This page-turner cuts through illusions and lays bare the unique and ongoing oppressions lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people face. With great compassion, Michelangelo Signorile knits all of us who support equality together as a community with a purpose and a real-world plan for achieving our goals. Read this book, please, and use it.”  


"A celebratory mood filled the nation after the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, and we are still basking in the afterglow as I write. A longtime supporter of marriage equality, Michelangelo Signorile celebrated with everyone else, but his joy was tempered with a cautionary tone that’s captured by his new book’s title: 'It’s Not Over.' For all our recent victories in the courts, there’s still a huge amount of work to be done." (read full review)

​​​“Amid great progress and celebration, Michelangelo Signorile strikes a cautionary tone: homophobia is alive and well today, and the fight for equality is far from won. In fact, complacency and apathy are the biggest allies of well-organized conservatives who refuse to surrender their bigotry and hate. This astute book primes us to tackle the unfinished business ahead.”